A powerup for your marketing team.

Lithoco empowers marketing teams to reach their goals while freeing your design and development teams to stay focused on your amazing product.

Marketing and product teams often have conflicting needs

If you manage a team of marketers, designers, and developers, then you're familiar with the struggle: Marketing needs a new landing page up yesterday, the Facebook pixel on the blog isn't working, and your homepage is showing an "insecure content" warning that you're pretty sure is hurting your SEO.

Your developers are already working late nights and your designers have just enough time to throw a quick wireframe together and link you to the company brand standards. Now what?

You've considered hiring...

But finding the right people to handle these different roles isn't an easy process, let alone affordable. You could fill the gaps with freelancers, but you've been burned in the past by UpWorkers and you don't have time to manage everyone's tasks, hours, and invoices anyway.


Lithoco bridges the gap between product & marketing

While your product team stays focused on the next big feature release and squashing bugs, Lithoco steps in to provide the support your marketing team desperately needs. We become a reliable part of your team, helping to reduce bottlenecks in your pipeline and minimizing administrative overhead.

Your marketing team is finally able to see their vision all the way through, increasing your leads and sales, and your designers and developers can stay focused on the areas that need their attention the most. The result is better marketing performance, a strong product, and less frustration all around.

Improve internal communications

Feedback from designers and developers don't always make sense and technical jargon can get in the way of clear internal communications. We're just as comfortable talking SEO and ad retargeting as we are color theory, typography, GIT, NPM, DNS, CDNs, and a whole host of other acronyms.

Optimized for WordPress

We get why a lot of developers aren't thrilled when your team wants to work in WordPress. But we also know how powerful it can be for marketers, which is why our process is specifically optimized for WordPress, so your marketing team can keep using the tools they know and love. SEO, lead generation, speed, security, pixel perfect responsive design. We've got you covered.

Take your brand beyond the web

Our expertise doesn't stop at the web. We're a powerful ally for any marketing team looking to bring their brand into the real world by way of print or television. From one-of-a-kind printed collateral and display pieces to script writing, green screen and animated effects, we've helped our clients bring their big ideas to life across a wide variety of mediums.

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