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Creating Brave


Online art courses offered quarterly by Healing Icons. Students can register and take their courses right from the website. Courses are self paced and each lesson has a community gathering place where students can share and discuss their work.

Cake Attraction


Cupcakes, cakes, and other delectable treats! This site features ecommerce capabilities that allow customers to place customizable orders, use coupons, and even opt-in for special delivery.

Infinity One


As a full service healthcare agency, their website needed to be clear, uncluttered, and to-the-point.

Mercari Consulting


Social media is an important part of any digital campaign. This brochure style website provides insight into the ways Mercari can be leveraged to increase customer engagement.


Physical Therapy of Evans


Healthcare is often overly complex. This website streamlines the experience into a single page and makes it easy for patients to get their forms and set up an appointment.

Turn South


A non-profit organization, Turn South offers programs, projects, and resources that support women as leaders and agents of change in rural southern communities.



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