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Creating Brave


Online art courses offered quarterly by Healing Icons. Students can register and take their courses right from the website. Courses are self paced and each lesson has a community gathering place where students can share and discuss their work.


Stormwater Studios


A studio and gallery space website that features artists and their portfolios. Artists are able to keep their own pages updated with simple point-and-click options as well as add their own events. The backend features a calendaring system that only the artists in residence have access to. There's an advanced ticketing system build into the public events that allows for both paid and free event registration. The gallery can also book reserved through the website.


The Rush Law Firm


A law firm specializing in family law, this site makes use of subtle video backgrounds and carefully animated effects for a high quality but accessible feel.




C2Careers offers post-college training to Canadian graduates to better prepare them for entering the workforce. Students that are accepted into the course gain access to a database of over 300 quality employers, complete with all the information the student may need about the employer to increase their chances of getting hired. Employers can also search the student profiles on the site to fill positions.



Physical Therapy of Evans


Healthcare is often overly complex. This website streamlines the experience into a single page and makes it easy for patients to get their forms and set up an appointment.


Something Looseknit

Author Heidi Parton had been blogging on the hosted platform and wanted more control over her blog's style. Her site is built on top of the open source WordPress platform so she didn't have to learn a new content management system.


Turn South


A non-profit organization, Turn South offers programs, projects, and resources that support women as leaders and agents of change in rural southern communities.


Infinity One


As a full service healthcare agency, their website needed to be clear, uncluttered, and to-the-point. The site features online registration for job applicants as well as a full featured job board and applicant tracking system that integrates with the company's CRM, Bitrix24.


Cake Attraction


Cupcakes, cakes, and other delectable treats! This site features ecommerce capabilities that allow customers to place customizable orders, use coupons, and even opt-in for special delivery.


SC Free Clinics Association


A non-profit organization, SC Free Clinics Association supports and advocates for South Carolina's network of free clinics. The website is dedicated to providing information and support, not only to the public, but to Member Clinics as well. It features a Member's Only area where clinics can get support from and interact with one another. They can also submit their applications online and post their information to a public directly of clinics.


Royal Eminence

A New York and Atlanta based fashion designer needed a sleek way to showcase her portfolio and book client engagements.


The Cunning Wife


A blog dedicated to the learnings and teachings of folk tales and folk crafts. The design of this site focuses heavily on ease of reading and ease of sharing.


Appleseed Legal Justice Center


A non-profit organization, SC Appleseed is a voice for low income South Carolinians for social, legal, & economic justice. This website features prominent calls to action and smart resource sorting, allowing visitors to pick specific topics and find relevant information throughout the site.


Kassel Aviation


A full service aviation insurance brokerage firm specializing in corporate and commercial operations. This site utilizes an immersive moving cloudscape background and supports mobile claim filings.


Emmanuel Church


A streamlined church website with an events system and quick-giving feature built in.


Mercari Consulting


Social media is an important part of any digital campaign. This brochure style website provides insight into the ways Mercari can be leveraged to increase customer engagement.

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